Heidi Keller-Lapp

  • Assistant Director/Lecturer
  • Making of the Modern World Program, University of California, San Diego

I am an early modern European historian with an emphasis in French (and French colonial) gender and religious history. I am also a Lecturer and Assistant Director of an undergraduate core-curriculum program (Making of the Modern World Program) at UCSD. I design curriculum, teach, and train graduate students how to teach in the humanities and social sciences. "Digital humanities" was not part of my research or teaching training. Since I completed my degree in 2005, however, technological advances in humanities training and pedagogy have opened new avenues of research and changed undergraduate instruction. I have experimented with peer instruction using iclickers and using using learning management systems to enhance classroom teaching, but I have more catching up to do -- to learn how technology can enhance my research and teaching in the humanities. I look forward to some dedicated time to these matters in an environment that looks welcoming and supportive. I want to learn more!